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Intellectual Property is perhaps the most invaluable intangible asset for an organisation. A trade mark is a source identifier of the business. The firm specializes in handholding organisations on their way to creating a diverse IP portfolio, with strategy that is specific to the requirement of each client.

The importance of an efficient IP portfolio management cannot be undermined. As important as it is to obtain IP rights, it is equally important to ensure that those rights are well looked after. The firm prides itself in efficiently and diligently managing large IP portfolios of its clients, which include a collection of various IP rights. The firm has over the years devised various processes and procedures which include regular audits and analysis of the IP Portfolios of its clients, thereby ensuring that the IP Portfolios of its clients are well managed and protected. The firm’s wide network of professionals across the globe, help ensure that IP rights of its clients outside of the jurisdiction of India are also well managed.



A trademark is a source identifier. The firm has successfully advised and helped clients across diverse industry establish and build enviable and reputed trade mark portfolios.

Over the years, the trade mark law in India has evolved and is very well settled. The firm provides comprehensive services pan India and internationally, with respect to brand adoption strategy, filing and successfully prosecuting applications through to registration, advising its clients through various stages of an application including advising on appropriate classes in which the proposed trade marks should be registered according to the client’s requirements and drafting the specification of goods and services  as per the clients requirements, which is in line with the international classification of goods and services.


Copyright  is a legal term used to describe the rights that creators have over their creative works including literary works, musical works, dramatic works, artistic works, sound recordings and cinematograph films . Works covered by copyright range from books, music, paintings, sculpture, and films, to computer programs, databases, advertisements, maps, and technical drawings. A copyright may be termed as creative work that attains life or comes into existence as soon as it is created. The protection under the Copyright law in India comes into play as the author is given exclusive rights to her/his work, most importantly the right to prevent others from reproducing, selling or licensing the work. The firm looks out for all individuals within the creative communities spread across the country, with services ranging in a pan-India format.

Our collection of copyright related services includes copyright prosecution and registration, licensing and assignment, contract negotiation and drafting, due diligence, clearances and regulatory compliances, dispute resolution and enforcement.


A Design only includes the features of shape, configuration, pattern, ornament or composition of lines or colors applied to any article whether in two dimensional or three dimensional or both forms, by any industrial process or means, whether manual, mechanical or chemical, separate or combined, which in the finished article appeal to and are judged solely by the eye, but does not include any mode or principle of construction or anything which is in substance a mere mechanical device. A design registration is limited to only fifteen years after which the design is in the public domain.

The firm offers a complete range of services with respect to design registration, advisory and litigation services with respect to Design’s.


The firm provides litigation services to clients across a diverse range of industry. We represent clients across all forums in India, including the Supreme Court of India, High Courts and the Lower Courts across different parts of the country with our wide network of associates all over India.
The Hon’ble Delhi High Court is considered to be the hub of IP Litigation in India, with most of the IP cases being instituted in the High Court of Delhi. In the last few years, the Hon’ble Delhi High Court has seen a considerable rise in the number of the IP Litigation cases being instituted before it and has also seen a rise in the efficient and timely disposal rate of the cases. The firm has extensively practised IP Litigation and at the same time responsibly assisted the Hon’ble Delhi High Court in deciding various complex and non complex IP issues and has an enviable record of favourable outcomes for its clients. The Delhi High Court has a separate Intellectual Property Division, which deals with only IPR cases.

ASM law offices keeps their clients heavily involved and informed about their legal proceedings regardless of the magnitude of the matter. Our main aim in doing so is to ensure complete transparency in proceedings, increase in knowledge of the clients for future scenarios and to make the client confident and well aware of strategy being adopted in court matters. The firm also tries to ensure that the most cost and resource efficient strategy is adopted for its clients in a matter. The firm also views Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) as a very important tool in settling disputes to the satisfaction of all parties involved in an IP dispute. At ASM Law Offices, we wholeheartedly assist our clients in adopting an alternate dispute resolution method most suited for a satisfactory and timely resolution of the dispute.


Franchising and Licensing Intellectual Property Rights by right holders is one of the fast ways of expanding business. The firm understands this and provides a complete range of advisory, negotiation and drafting services with respect to the franchising and licensing requirements vis a vie Intellectual Property Right of its clients.


The firm prides itself on very efficiently handling the diverse IP Portfolios of its clients across the globe,
D-126, Third Floor, Defence Colony, New Delhi- 110024, India

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